Saturday, October 5, 2019

Rising trend of government media censorship programs(intenet) Essay

Rising trend of government media censorship programs(intenet) - Essay Example Internet has a role to play in whatever activity we are interested in, be it banking, shopping, reading, entertainment or research. It is no more just a luxury but has become an obligation in today’s world. With the passage of time the face of Internet has undergone a sea change; it has developed into a double-edged sword and has been under the scanner for censorship and control. With the increase in popularity of the Internet, the cases related to Internet crimes have also increased substantially. Statistically speaking, â€Å"there are about 20,000 pornographic photographs posted on the Internet each day.† (Bells, 2010). Internet has many ill effects on its users. Owing to its free accessibility, it has been misused and mishandled. Internet has become easy medium to commit crimes and express emotions, which are embarrassing and risky to carry out in the real world. The anonymity that the virtual world offers has added fuel to such activities. There had been innumerabl e instances of people being influenced by Internet to commit heinous crimes. A student playing long hours of online shooting games might set out on a shooting spree in the university in his real life. This is only one of the thousands of possibilities that might take place on a regular basis all around the world. As observed by a freelance content writer, â€Å"The Internet has become counter productive not for what it offers but because of what it causes† (Otter, July 2006). As the Internet offers the facility of easy and hassle free banking and financial transaction facilities it also provides an added risk of hacking and controlling of personal information for financial gains by some unscrupulous individuals. Internet has become an easy medium for individuals to commit crimes like scams, fooling people by alluring them for job, lottery prizes and even lead to committing sexual assaults. (Hinders, 2003). The social networking sites have made life of an

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